LS care guide

for long lasting pieces
caring for your pieces

Woven Blankets

All woven blankets are machine washable! To keep them as comfy and cozy as possible, machine wash on a cold gentle cycle and hang to dry. Remember they are made of 100% cotton so high temps might cause some slight shrinkage. If your fringey edges get a bit tangled, gently comb through them with your fingers while securely holding the edge of the blanket.

Life happens and sometimes little snags appear in the blankets. If they’re small enough, I recommend just fixing them with a pair of tweezers. Here’s a quick video to help you out!

How to fix a snag in a woven blanket

Tote Bags

Fill with all your favorite things and take it on the go! We recommend spot washing only. While the prints are wash-safe, the bags may shrink or fade in the washer/dryer.

Tea Towels

 Use as a tea towel or scarf! Spot wash as needed or machine wash on cold. For best care, hang to dry and iron or steam as needed. If you’re in a pinch you can tumble dry them on low!

Macrame Items

These items are handmade and for that reason we don’t recommend washing them. Feel free to spritz with water if they need a refresh! Bonus tip, if you’re into essential oils you can add a drop or two to the ends to create a natural diffuser.